DS Pallas special edition

In the model-year 1972 Citroën build a small series of a special edition model of the DS Pallas. Cars that were ordered with a Rouge Grenat coloured interior were delivered with a dashboard that was partly dark red (see the photo's). Most of these cars were painted Gris Nacre (AC 095).
According to Olivier de Serres in his magnificient book "DS Le Grand Livre", there was also a grey version of this special edition model, i.e. cars that were ordered with a grey interior came with a dashboard that was partly grey.

Some people call this special edition model DS Jubilee, they state that CitroŽn introduced it as a tribute to the 15th anniversary of the DS.

I have never seen the above mentioned "grey" version in real, but I've seen a few examples of the "red" version. The photo's below give an impression of this special DS. The car shown is a DS21 i.e Pallas.

DS21 i.e. front view


All photos on this page by Mark Blok.


DS21 i.e. interior
DS21 i.e. dashboard left side DS21 i.e. dashboard right side

The photo's above clearly show that the instrument panel, the part around the ashtray and the glove box cover are painted red.

The photo below shows the engine compartment of this fine DS 21 i.e. Pallas semi-automatic.

DS21 i.e. engine left side
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