A Landrover with DS suspension

The suspension, steering and front brakes are from a Citroen SM (great stuff, tough, strong and extremely well engineered). The engine is from a 1985 Nissan 300ZX Turbo, as is the wiring, for the most part. 5-speed transmission, transfer case and front differential came from a 1985 Nissan Frontier/Pathfinder. The rear differential and inboard disc brakes are Jaguar (donít remember from what model). Both differentials are limited slip, at a 3.5:1 ratio. The rear wheels are set up with tie rods that mount to the frame. This was all engineered with Janet Jones ( Indy car driver) and the rear toe in is adjustable. The rear toe adjusts according to body lean. You can really accelerate when exiting a corner. After extensive trial I am running 32 bar in the front spheres and 18 bar in the rear spheres, with strong valving both front and back. It still rides better than any 4x4 I've ever been in. I am using adjustable DS spheres on all four corners. The frame is boxed stainless steel, self-made. The fire wall is hot dip galvanized as are the Citroen sub-frames. The door latches are Mercedes with 69 grand prix handles on the outside. There are other neat little parts from other cars but I've listed the main ones.

The car has been driven in its current state for about 25,000 miles so all of the little bugs have been worked out. The mechanical components have proven to be trouble free. With the weight distribution, the traction is tremendous, even in deep (2 foot) snow.


The rear of the chassis, with differential (with inboard brakes) from a Jaguar. The rear suspension arms and wheel hubs are normally found on the front of a SM (or DS).

The front of the chassis with SM suspension and wheel hubs, SM diravi steering and SM inboard brakes mounted on a Nissan front differential.

Mounting point of front differential.

Front inboard brakes from a SM

Nissan 300 ZX Turbo engine. The CitroŽn pressure regulator with accumulator sphere and the hydraulic pump are clearly visible on the left of the photo.

The CitroŽn priority valve and brake accumulator mounted on the right hand frame.

A view under the hood.

Pictures and text by Curtis Merrill (the creator and owner of this car) of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Last updated on : 28.07.2002, by Jint Nijman