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Top: Vladimir PiroJkov's sketches for the cabin on the definitive version. The other sketches show various cabin details:
dashboard, steering wheel, instruments, clock. After the bodywork, the double chevron motif is repeated Inside the car.



Pirojkov says he got his inspiration at a Paris fair where some modern Spanish furniture stood out. Much triangulation inside is obvious with Citroen's double chevron heritage. But he played with fo.ot rests and retractable thigh-supports for the rear seats, which look like a double cushion.' The writing 'Citroen Paris' on the instrument faces hint at the make's great Parisian days. "But in general, the C6 is not a car for drivers only, but also for its pas-sengers. So I tried to create a cosy atmosphere, with traditional materials to achieve this. Even wood, not typical for Citroen, adds to that. And for the bonsai tree: always when coming home, I feel a warm atmosphere when plants are sitting in the room. So why not try them in a car?"
There remains one key question: is this the future large Citroen model? Blakeslee makes it clear, saying that that future large car had already been a design project some months before the C6 idea was born. "But now that the C6 has been received so well, it will serve a reference role for the other project, so that an eventual production model would look even better than the concept!" ...
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