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Xanae's user-friendly interior

The ergonomic dashboard has been designed to maximize cabin space. The instrument cluster unit is height-adjustable with the steering column and the remote control satelite is located to the right of the steering wheel. Driving data are displayed at the base of the windscreen, allowing immediate access to vital information.

The Xanae comes equipped with an in-car entertainment system with CD as well as a hands-free carphone.
Two easy-to-read display units located at the base of the windscreen present useful information such as vehicle speed, station identity and frequency in audio mode, destination address and location in remote guidance phase and telephone numbers in carphone mode.

In addition to easy access, another user-friendly feature is the modular layout of the Xanae's cabin. The designers focussed first and foremost on making the cabin simple and convenient for family use. Mounting the automatic transmission control on the steering wheel made it possible to leave an empty space between the front seats, allowing them to swivel freely. Similarly, the location of the emergency foot brake was chosen to achieve the saime aim.

Living room

The inventive seating layout, with a left rear seat that curves around the side of the cabin, allows the three rear-passengers to enjoy the same comfort as they would in their own living room. Mounted on runners, the right-hand and middle seats can also be removed. This feature combined with the fold-down back of the middle seat means that the Xanae's cabin is entirely reconfigurable. Two further features that heighten the impression of user-friendliness and comfort are the swivelling front seats and the choice of upholstery and interior trim.

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