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New-generation running gear high level of all-round safety. The SC.CAR system ensures that all five occupants enjoy a smooth, safe and pleasurable ride.
Braking is easy, irrespective of the situation of the vehicle, while grip, wheel control and traction have been optimized.
The Xanae is based on the Xantia platform and equipped with CitroŽn's very latest suspension fit: the Hydractive II combined with SC.CAR - an active roll limitation system. Thanks to this new-generation running gear, the Xanaecombines dynamic comfort with a From the point of -view of comfort, the occupants move at the same angle as the car when it is cornering. Centrifugal force on the car helps to correct any rolling motion, thus ensuring an unparalleled degree of passenger comfort. The Xanae is powered by a 2-litre 16 valve engine that develops 97.4 kW (135bhp) 
images/Xanae_pic63.gif (18610 bytes) at 5,500 rpm with maximum torque of 18 daN m (18.7 at 4,20Orpm. The automatic transmission is electronically controlled from a remote control satellite located near the steering wheel.

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Automobiles CitroŽn - 62, boulevard Victor-Hugo - 92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine - France - Corporate Communications Division/AEP/
Service Edition - Writer: David Barriere - Photos: CitroŽn, Dingo - Designed and Produced: Artice - Printed by. La Publice Francaise -
English Adaptation: V.O. Paris - Printed in EC - Capital: FF 1,400,000,000. RCS Nanterre B642 050 199

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